your wrongs

Because everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can spot them.

Writing is the painting of the voice.


While this is an entirely new career path for me, I know deep down I’ve always been a grammar nerd. Before receiving my certificate, I was working as a promotional model. It always seemed that finding errors in written communication and digital content was second nature to me. Yes, I’m the type who proofreads my own texts and I’m a former spelling bee participant. My background may not be traditional, but I am highly-motivated with a passion for perfect syntax. I just want to make the world a better place one properly-placed comma at a time.

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Proofreader:

  • Grammar and proofreading errors can be costly and embarrassing.
  • Polished, proofread content boosts your credibility.
  • Your eyes and brain can play tricks on you. Since we are too close to our own writing, a fresh (and objective) set of eyes on your content is always a good idea.
  • Asking a friend to proofread isn’t the best choice. Proofreading can be tedious and a friend may not be skilled in the nuances of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and correct choice of a word or phrase.

Every single person or company who produces content for an audience needs a proofreader.

These include authors, bloggers, college or graduate students, journalists, anyone with a resume, web content creators, graphic designers, scriptwriters, podcasters, and business owners.

What is the Difference between Editing & Proofreading?

“Editing is all about the message. Proofreading is all about the mechanics.”


Editing looks at the overall goal of the writer’s work and evaluates whether the work is in alignment with them. Some key areas are: clarity, cohesiveness, continuity, content, and voice.

Since the editing process may require some rewrites, proofreading is done in the final stages of preparation prior to production.

Proofreading focuses on the nitty-gritty details of proper language use and layout, but doesn’t question the overall message or intent. Key areas of proofreading are: punctuation, grammar, spelling, formatting, indexing, and references.




Freelancers Union memberships

Proofreading rates

*Rates vary depending on the nature of the work, the time frame of the assignment, the degree of special expertise required, and other factors.



  • .02-.29/wd
  • 11-15 pages/hr



  • .02-.29/wd
  • 7-10 pages/hr



  • .04-.49/wd
  • 7-10 pages/hr



  • .03-.39/wd
  • 4-6 pages/hr

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Grammarlust’s attention to detail and professionalism is unmatched. Dianne took the time to understand my project and really became an extension of my team. I am excited to work with her again and definitely recommend her!

I recently hired Dianne to proofread a short story I had written. She did a quick and outstanding job! It was surprising to me how much of what I thought was properly written needed to be corrected.

I guess maybe we could all use some expert proofreading. I would definitely recommend her services.

I hired Dianne to proofread a business document. After she reviewed and revised the document, I was confident that it was polished and ready for my intended audience to read. She took my document from good to great! Thank you for a job well done!

I highly recommend Dianne at Grammarlust. She was an absolute pleasure to work with for edits on my website magnet. Dianne very clearly laid out what I could expect from her services. She was competent, detailed and extremely timely. I particularly loved that she included a reference to what grammar rule she was following so I could understand it a little further – that was a really nice extra touch! If you’re looking for editing, you can’t find better than Dianne!

Dianne provided me with a sample of editing of my WIP project. Her work was received swiftly and she answered all of my queries promptly. Her comments were well thought out and effective for the genre of the piece of work, as were her suggested changes. As I write in UK English, she also ensured I was provided with a document marked up under those rules. She provided a friendly and professional service. I will definitely consider using her for a full piece of work in the future.


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